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Sharone G.

Coach Kord has partnered with me in my practice to assist in the evaluation of and skill building with children with special needs. Kord has a creative approach to working with children who present with a variety of learning and developmental issues. His willingness to truly connect with children is palpable and a true reflection of his kind heart and generous character. Kord is thoughtful and dynamic. He uses his love of sports to help children develop a sense of self-efficacy in mastering skills such as kicking a ball, riding a bicycle and having catch.

Julie R.

As parents of a child with special needs and epilepsy sports was never on the front burner when it came to our son. However, two years ago he began working with Coach Kord and the progress he has made is amazing. More importantly, the sheer joy on his face every time Coach Kord rings the doorbell lets us know we made the right choice when it came to a personal coach for our son. Coach Kord is equal parts energetic and patient and he is able to really connect with children with special needs. He makes each session fun and different and I would highly recommend him to anyone considering a coach for their child.

Marion M.

When our 6 year old son was not feeling up for playing sports because he felt his friends were better than him we called coach Kord. After the first couple of lessons our son showed more interest in sports and encouraged my husband to practice sports daily. The fun energy coach Kord brings to lessons as well as his understanding of children made our child more confident in sports and at school during physical education and recess.

Michelle F.

I got Kord's information from my friend who had Kord help their daughter learn how to rollerblade and bike ride and they spoke highly about his services. My daughter learned how to ride a bike with Kord's help and now also practices soccer and lacrosse weekly. At first we only wanted him to help our daughter learn to ride a bike but with his fun nature and my daughters comforts level with him we continued sessions. My daughter now can ride a bike independently and shows more confidence at her soccer and lacrosse games.

Julie H.

Coach Kord has been a significant role model in my sons life. My son has autism and just loves when coach Kord comes to the house to work on functional skills as well as play sports and workout. Coach Kord also taught our son to ice skate which is now one of out sons favorite activities. The patience and care he provides our son and family is priceless and we consider him family.

David P.

Coach Kord was my sons hockey coach for the ice cats a couple years ago. The level of confidence Kord established in my son is invaluable. My son now plays for the highest level of hockey for his age on Long Island and I am forever thankful for coach Kord being both hard on my son to push him to be the best player he can be.

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