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Initial sessions will focus on building rapport and assessing a student’s locomotor and athletic ability. The assessment process is essential as it will be a baseline to measure a student’s future progress. After the initial assessment, our first phone call will discuss the goals we want to set for your child. I will base our strategies going forward with what you, the parent, wants to see improved in your child. It can be a specific sport or just sports in general. I will provide your child with a better understanding of the cognitive aspect behind a sport they play, which in turn will build your child’s confidence. I will develop a curriculum that will set your child up for success. Each session will include a short workout to measure how their strength has improved over time. I also want children to become aware of the food they eat and I will explain how important nutrition is in living a happy and active lifestyle. I love to cook with my students and encourage modeling new foods that are healthy.


Private Sports Session
Cost Per Session (1 on 1)

8 Sessions (1 on 1)
$960 $120/session

12 Sessions (1 on 1)
$1320 $110/session

Call for Semi-Private Rates (2-4 students)

8 & 12 Session Programs










5 Quick Tips to Get Your Child Loving Sports

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