Frequently Asked Questions

What is the challenge that is most difficult for you to modify in your children?

  1. My child spends all their free time on electronics, a tablet or the phone.
  2. My child is oppositional. When I say something, they defiantly do the opposite.
  3. My child has trouble socializing, which as a result, leads to their lack of confidence.
  4. It is a struggle to get my child to do his/her homework.
  5. My child’s eating habits are poor. They won’t eat protein or vegetables.
  6. All my child does is complain. They don’t appreciate all that I do for the family.
  7. The teachers tells me my child can’t focus like the other children at school.
  8. My child is over weight.
  9. My child has a learning disability.
  10. My child lacks consistency because he/she lives in two separate homes.

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