Kord's Kidz

We Develop Children To Have Superhero Confidence

3 Minute Daily Workout Challenge Kords Kidz

Kord's Kidz Will Help Improve Your Child's Confidence & Behaviors.

Have you ever wished there was a manual on how to raise your kids?

Kord's Kidz will empower you with the knowledge and strategies every parent needs to have success.  

Be Your Little Athlete's Superhero!

Sports and Fitness provides a lifestyle that builds character which will enable growth and contribution

Learning the importance of practice and a reinforcing their growth mindset encouraging perseverance and grit will instill in them the determination of a champion

Watch Our Videos

Welcome to Kord's Kidz YouTube channel. We publish videos that demonstrate how to introduce sports to your children with motivational strategies that work.  We focus on providing children a predetermined outcome and positive experience they will crave.

Kord Angelucci - Owner Kords Kidz

Meet Our Coach

Our goal is for YOU to be the HERO to your children.  You will learn to provide your children the discipline they so badly crave which will set them up for success without self limiting beliefs.

5 Quick Tips to Get Your Child Loving Sports

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